Things to Consider Before Buying a Horse

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Whether you’re planning to purchase a horse or add a new one to your herd, there are few things you have to consider before buying one. Taking care of a horse requires extra effort and plenty of attention so make sure you are financially and physically stable to be able to handle them. Below are some factors that might complete your decision into buying a new horse. Visit pure falabella horses for sale and check horses and ponies for sale.



Prices of different horses may vary on their type. It can be quite expensive so make sure that you have earned enough money to buy a horse and provide all its need. Choose a horse that you are comfortable in and have it vaccinated from tetanus and other diseases. Make sure to check its teeth and feet before purchasing it. You might also want to ask the history of the horse before purchasing it so you’ll know what would it like and dislike. Also check if the horse you are going to buy is healthy and has no hidden defects or illness that may stop you horse from doing activities and requires special attention from you than a normal horse.

Maintenance of your horse

The cost of the horse isn’t the only thing you have to consider when you’re planning to buy one. This would include yearly and monthly maintenance of the horse, plus emergency expenses if it gets injured. Horses will need some monthly veterinary care and some yearly vaccinations to check its teeth and feet. You should also include the farrier care that your horse might need every 6 to 8 weeks. For the feeding and bedding, you may also want to have a budget for it. This will include the regular hay, straw and shaving bales that your horse might need. Additional expense includes riding lesson and livery costs to ensure the safety of your horse.


As mentioned above, taking care of a horse requires extra time and attention. If you are a busy person who can barely make it to your house because of plenty of work load then you might reconsider buying a horse unless there’s someone else to take care of it. But be aware that your horse might build a partnership with them than you as their owner.

When your horse becomes unrideable, and it spends more time sleeping than wandering around you might consider getting a retirement plan for them or euthanasia if you don’t want them to suffer anymore.

Some horse requires a specialist to look after them if they have illness or to provide all their needs as they get older.

Looking where to buy

If you think you are ready to take care of a horse and provides all its needs until it grows old with you, there are tons of companies that sells horses and ponies. Check out shetland pony for sale online   in case you don’t know where to start or you can even visit your local barn and see if they have any available horses for sale.